May 21, 2008

Book Autopsies

"Brian Dettmer cuts up books, Carefully slicing away big parts of the pages and covers, he leaves the binding intact and an image or key words on each page. Displayed behind glass in wood-en cases, the layered leaves resemble archaeological strata. Usually he chooses old, unused books. "How often do you use an old atlas compared to the Internet?" he asks. "Nobody's going to learn from a 1940s eye-surgery book." In many of the pieces at Aron Packer, the forms he's chosen highlight the book's content, causing the viewer to reflect on the subject in a new way. The Way Things Work, made from a book of the same title, interweaves machines and gears from various pages into one huge mechanism, with only some of the parts visible. Eye Surgery combines eyes, diagrams of optic nerves, and surgical instruments."
Fred Camper in the Chicago Reader

I recommend reading an interview here.

Because Brian doesn't have a website of his own, I'll link to the Wikipedia page about him, where you'll find most of his work. Link

May 09, 2008

Wood that works

"Each of my kinetic sculptures is a wooden machine powered by a constant force spring which must be wound. While visually interesting sculptures when still, they become truly fascinating when in motion. After a simple winding they entertain with motion and soft sounds for varying lengths of time."

That's right. With no batteries and no electricity, David C. Roy creates these incredible moving sculptures made out of wood. The intricacy and visual appeal of his beautiful sculptures is unparalleled.Be sure to read the history of his work and how he started making these amazing creations.

If you're curious (and who isn't!), here is a page describing his techniques.

I strongly recommend you visit the site and see each sculpture page for yourself. Most have an animation showing how the motion looks. You won't regret.

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