September 08, 2008

Pencil Carving

We've enjoyed the great work of Jennifer Maestre not long ago, showing examples of her great pencil sculpture. But how about pencil carving? Oh, my! Take a look at these:

Mizuta Tasogare and Kato Jado carve these with amazing patience and delicacy, for if they are not very careful the whole piece can be ruined.

"To take carving in the wood of a pencil, is certainly what pencil carving is all about. But we are required to be skilled enough for delicate woodwork in carving out a pattern like some kind of a tracery without making any miscut on the naked lead inside."

This is just too much for my brain! What you see above is carved from one single pencil!

Visit the site for more.


Chris Wood said...

That is astoundingly intricate! She's either a genius or drooling mad.

Nickcharles said...

Wow! That is amazing work! To even think about doing something like that with pencils is just incredible.

Sotiria Vasiliadou said...

I think this is something new but also strange :) Nice work :) I like it!!!!

going2oahu said...

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Regina said...

What incredible work! I wonder what tools are used to create these carving and how long they take? Absolutely amazing.

Jay said...

oh man! those must have taken a long time! its too bad that they can break so easily though..

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