June 15, 2010

Knotting Shapes

Meet artist Merril Morrison, a knotter who makes amazing 3D knotted pieces.

"It started with handcrafts—as a young girl my
mother and grandmother introduced me to embroidery, knitting and

"Even as I studied graphic design in college,
and worked for many years as a designer, I continued to work with fiber.
My interest evolved from weaving to papermaking and ultimately

"There is nothing like the tactile feel of the
threads, as well as the rhythm of making knot after knot, until my
shape takes form. I often incorporate beading to add luster and
texture, which allows me a multitude of possibilities in surface

"My inspirations range from the amazing colors
found in nature to the beaded detail work on a magnificent couture
evening gown.On the most personal level, knotting gives me a chance to
immerse myself in a very peaceful, private meditative process that
allows me to create simple, elegant forms with bold, striking colors."

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